David Orr, Cook County Clerk

Student Involvement

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In 2015, suburban Cook County voters will be voting for many key local officials. The February 24 Consolidated Primary will be held in a limited number of precincts while the April 7 Consolidated Election will involve all suburban precincts. Here are the ways you can participate:

Serve on Election Day on April 7th

The Clerk’s office offers paid positions to students who serve in suburban Cook County polling places. High school juniors and seniors and college students can earn $175 for assisting voters as an Election Judge. College students may also apply for a $325 Equipment Manager position.  




Registering to vote is simple and easy. While there are often registration opportunities on campus, you can take matters into your own hands by registering to vote online or with a mail-in registration form. You can also learn how to get your friends and classmates registered to vote.

Voter qualificationsWhere and how to register  ●  When to re-registerHow do I know I’m registered?Grace period registration  ● Dates and deadlines 


Cast your ballot! Make your voice heard! Voting should be a source of pride for students. Cookcountyclerk.com can help you find your polling place and preview your ballot.  However you don’t necessarily have to vote on Election Day.  Anyone can vote during early voting or cast a ballot by mail

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Of students who served in the November 2012 Presidential election:

  • 92% would be willing to serve again (7% said perhaps, only 1% said no)

  • 77% referred a family member or friend to the position

  • 74% can envision themselves serving throughout their life

  • 75% are now more likely to vote in the future