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Ethics Filing Online

In accordance with the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, more than 900 units of government and 22,000 public officials and employees must submit ethics filings to the Clerk's office. Government agencies provide a list of people who must file a Statement of Economic Interests. Beginning spring 2011, those people will be able to file their questionnaires online. Finally, the public will have instant access to both sets of filings.

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Enter here to submit your Statement of Economic Interest filer list.

Statement of Economic InterestsEnter Statements of Economic Interests Online

Government officials and employees required to file log in here.

192 Days
Until Statements of Economic Interests are due. 2017 filings are due on May 1.

Obtaining Statements of Economic Interests

Beginning in 2011, all new statements of economic interest will be available to view online.

To obtain prior copies of statements of economic interest, a written request must be submitted:

Public Portal

Search who submitted an SEI and how they answered the questions.

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About Disclosure

State law requires Cook County elected officials, appointed officials, and certain local and county government employees to file a Statement of Economic Interest with the Clerk's office each year.

Late fee: Individuals who file after the deadline must pay a $15 late fee.

More about disclosures of economic interests